Do you get malware from adult websites?

Answer: Yes.

Pornography has always been a top industry, especially in today’s digital era. Access to these sites is relatively high compared to a few decades ago. Back then, pornographic materials are only available at video rentals and in adult magazines. Since most households own personal computers/laptops and have internet connection, pornography industry continues to grow.

In 2010, the manufacture and use of smartphones brought an enormous upsurge to the digital world. Access to adult sites has been much easier because they are readily available you go, through your mobile phone.

If you are a regular visitor to these sites, you might notice the advertisements, left and right, on every webpage. These ads contain tempting (and deceiving) words and images to lure you to sign up for a subscription or premium pass. Some of the examples include words such as:

  • “Your computer might be at risk”
  • “Download this app to clean your device”
  • “Click here for VIP pass”

Those advertisements contain malware. Like what was said, these links are a trap. These contain convincing phrases that will lure you to another clickbait site. They might offer a free trial at first, and your subscription will automatically renew at ridiculously expensive rates as your free trial lapses.

Sometimes when you click these links, these would automatically download malicious software (commonly known as malware) on your device. Once opened, these applications might contain code that can destroy your device or cause the device to perform slower than usual. Worst, these can possibly be used as a tool to obtain information such as the browser’s history, and its contents such as photos, location, and device ID.

Be careful, though, as the malware could also be used to capture your identity and personal information. Usually, their main agenda is to get your bank/card details. These tactics are possible ways to blackmail or extort money from you by threatening to release your pornographic history to the public in exchange for a certain amount of money.

You can also be a victim of identity theft or fraud. You might be surprised to receive your bank statement from mail with hundred dollars of charges and fraudulent activities from businesses you are not familiar with. You might also receive messages or phone calls from unknown people asking for money, in the condition of keeping your confidential information private.

People who usually fall for the trap are those willing to pay for extra. With so much porn freely available on the internet, these people are willing to get some dollars out of their pockets to gain access to certain categories that are exclusively available to those with “VIP” or “premium pass”. Little did they know is that some websites would take advantage of their bank information on file and it could possibly be used in fraudulent activities.

Another thing to consider regarding this issue is that sometimes, some malware contain child pornography and other types of pornography that are illegal and criminally offensive. This might bring you to a much bigger trouble if you are caught infected with these types of virus. You definitely would not want to risk your life and end up in jail, don’t you?

To end the argument, it is not safe to browse adult sites if you are not fully equipped with knowledge about these clickbaits that could possibly be a threat to your security. Pornographic sites are rampant these days but it is very risky to explore. You might want to reconsider visiting one. If in case you can’t resist the urge, one tip is to browse these sites in incognito.

You might also consider installing antivirus software or a security suite from a reputable and trusted developer – rest assured that you’ll find lots of free security software, whether for your desktop computer or your mobile phone. Run the antivirus software from time to time so you could monitor the health of your computer/device. If there’s a security issue that just can’t be fixed by such programs, you might want to consider reformatting your device (although doing so could lead to loss of data).

Of course, the most important advice is that you should refrain from clicking malicious ads to avoid larger issues in the future. It shouldn’t be too hard to refrain from clicking them, but do note that these malicious ads and other sources of malware sometimes pop up in the most unexpected moment. One site that is risk free for using and is #1 in nude selfies is Selfie Swiper. You’ll safely find locals to trade naked selfies with. So, you’ll really have to browse your favorite sites with caution.

Remember, be a responsible and knowledgeable netizen, and keep your private business for yourself safely and securely.