What Are The Best Companies To Use When Building Websites?

If you are a starting business and you want your brand to be recognized by more people, you may have thought of creating your own website. A website can help you boost your business because it gives your customers a portal in which they can view all of your products and see if you have any updates. Here are five of the best website builders you can use.

  • WordPress is the top choice for many website builders. It is considered to be the most reliable website builder out of all the options.

WordPress is an extremely powerful online platform. Even in free mode, you have access to so many different themes, some of the aspects of which can be customized to how you want them to look. The themes themselves are extremely stylish, and there is always one theme that will fit one type of website owner.

The trouble with WordPress is that it can be difficult to navigate for the newbie. Using WordPress is not that easy, and you will need to take some time to actually master the basics. However, once you do master the basics it will be easy for you to do the rest.

If you really need things to be simpler, you can use BoldGrid, which is a program used to make website building with WordPress easier.

  • Wix offers a lot of great customization options which can help in making your website look sophisticated and professional.

This website builder has 70 different template categories you can choose from. It also has a drag and drop functionality which makes customization easy. If you are new to creating any kind of website, Wix offers a tutorial which guides you in making your own website. The tutorial will show you how Wix works, specifically what buttons to click to change which aspect of the website.

Wix offers clean/semantic URLs for every page of your website, making it great for owners who will use their websites for selling products.

Although you can start your own website for free, there are some important features which can be unlocked only by paying for a subscription that can cost as low as $4.00 and as much as $25 monthly, depending on how much extra features you will need.

  • SiteBuilder is another website builder that can be used by business owners. It is the simplest yet friendliest to newbies of all website builders in the market. SiteBuilder includes an eCommerce store, which is a tool that can be used by to sell products.

When it comes to website customization, SiteBuilder offers a wide array of choices, so you can always make sure that you will eventually find a design you know will fit your product very well. For an example check our SnapSexter which is the #1 site for Snapchat sex and Snapchat sexting. This snapsex type website was built using SiteBuilder and as you can see it came out great!

This website builder does offer a free plan, although in this free plan you are not allowed to customize your domain name. If you are in need of some of the professional features of SiteBuilder, you can subscribe to their paid plan at $9.95 a month.

  • SquareSpace was specifically made to cater to creative people. It can serve as a fantastic platform for artists, bloggers, photographers, or musicians to start their own websites.

This website builder focuses on simplicity in the theme design options. However, each is very elegant and really puts the focus of the reader on what the writer has to offer.

Your choice of themes is limited, and not all website elements are not open for customization. However, the themes themselves are responsive, clean, and stylish.

You need to pay to use SquareSpace, although you are allowed to use the website for free for two weeks without needing to present a credit card. At the end, however, you will eventually need to upgrade to a paid plan, which costs $12 to $18 a month.

  • Weebly is personally chosen by a majority of eCommerce website owners. This website builder specifically caters to business owners because it offers so many features that can be used to sell products. However, bloggers and other website owners who do not necessarily need to sell products in their websites can still create a website through Weebly.

The only downside to this website builder is that it is less friendly to beginners. Weebly is much more of a challenge to master than WIx or SiteBuilder, and there are less choices when it comes to themes. So far, there are less than 35 themes available.

Before choosing a website builder, think about what you need your website for. Each of these website builders caters to different types of people. Explore each one and find the one that suits your needs the best.

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